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How to wash your swimwear

Så ska du tvätta dina badkläder | Salt & Sand

How to wash your swimwear:

Do you want your bikini to last a long time? Here are our top tips for how to care for, wash and care for your swimwear. Over time, the color will drop and it is easy to forget the garments in the sun. To avoid them becoming sun-bleached, you should follow the tips below! How long the life of your garment is depends on what material they are created in and what color the garment is.

Our swimwear is created in a material that is both durable and soft, something that is relatively unusual on the market as most people make a difference between fashion garments that should be detailed and soft, or functional garments that should maintain a high quality and resist chlorine well.

At Salt & Sand you get ' the best of both worlds ', a bathing suit that is both soft and comfortable, at the same time as it stays nice year after year. Despite our fine quality, it is important not to wear the garment unnecessarily, but to take care of it so that it stays nice even longer.

What is the worst thing I can do about my swimwear?

To bathe in chlorine and then not rinse out your swimwear afterwards. This applies where there are high levels of chlorine in the water. Chlorine processes the elasticity present in the garment and causes the elastic threads to lose their elasticity. The swimwear then loses its fit.

How does sun oil / SPF damage my swimwear?

SPF and sun oil contain chemicals, which can destroy the elasticity of the bikini. In addition, they can cause stains that are difficult to remove, this mainly applies to swimwear in light materials.

How should I wash my bikini?

By hand, or in a machine with a delicate washing program. Do not use strong detergents, care for your swimwear in the same way as training clothes, here you can use a detergent for sportswear that is more gentle on elastic threads, read more about which we recommend in this post about 'Best in Test: Detergent for Swimwear and Exercise Clothes'. Swimwear is beautiful garments that require a little extra care, just like a beautiful blouse or shirt. You should definitely not tumble dry your swimwear, the heat causes the elastic threads to shrink!

What does salt water do to my swimwear?

Salty baths should not be a problem for a bathing suit, even if you do not shower immediately afterwards. Most bath materials handle it excellently. The mistake many people make is to change their bikini as soon as they have bathed and leave the wet bikini lying and drying in the sun, then the colors in the material fade.

How long should my swimwear last?

A rule of thumb for how many seasons you can wear a bathing suit is 2, but we have received reports from customers who bought their first bikini when we launched Salt & Sand 2017 that they still have it and that it is just as nice today as at buy. Everything is relative to how you take care of it and how often it is used.

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