Summer is here and we all look forward to lazy days at the beach where we get to work on the fire and cool off in the sea. Here we list some of the must-haves that should be in your beach bag this summer. 


No swimming for you without a bikini or swimsuit, at least not if you choose to visit a beach this summer. This is a must in your beach bag and the variety is endless, pack a bikini or swimsuit you like a little extra and that fits comfortably and rock it on the beach this summer. Don't forget that all bodies are bikini bodies!

The towel 

This goes nicely into the beach bag and works just as well to dry yourself with as to lie on. The fashion for beach towels is also on the rise and in this year's swimwear we see towels that go hand in hand with bikini fashion and we are all here for it. How nice with a bikini/swimsuit and matching towel? 

The sunscreen

How nice it is to lie in the sun for a whole day and really work on the burn, but how boring is it when we notice that we burned ourselves or got ugly tan lines? This is not something we want this summer, so invest a little extra in the sunscreen! Our tip is to bet on one SPF for the body and one for the face. Let it for the face be part of your skin care routine that protects and nurtures and you will never forget it. An SPF for the face is a good step in the skin care routine to protect against sun damage and pigmentation. A tip from us is to choose one that is free of chemicals, has a high SPF and moisturizes without looking greasy when applied.

For the body, we would also like to recommend a caring and moisturizing SPF with an adapted sun protection for your skin tone and endurance. Did you know that there are now also brands that have introduced sunscreens for the body with a little glow in it to give that summery sun-kissed look? Perfect for summer. If you order swimwear from us, you will also receive a gift with a travel size kit with SPF from the Hawaiian tropic brand. How lovely is this? Take care it is valid while stocks last. 

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Something to read or listen to

If you want to lie down and sunbathe but get bored easily or want something that makes you relax a little extra during a day at the beach, then we recommend that you bring a lovely book to read or why not something to listen to. Make your own playlist with your favorite music and bring your headphones, lean back in the sun lounger and enjoy. Or combine both options and listen to a podcast or audiobook to relax. Did you know that bookbeat offers a whole month of free audiobook listening? Perfect to take with you to the beach. Listen to whatever you want for 30 days! 

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Are you like us and get a little hungry for something during the day? Then we recommend packing your favorite snacks in the beach bag to nibble on while you rest either alone or with friends on the beach. A hot tip to keep you cool and the liquid level at a peak is to pack watermelon. Watermelon contains a lot of useful liquid and vitamins that keep you alert and hydrated all day. Another summer tip is to pack a fruit salad or why not some strawberries.

We think this will brighten up your beach day and is an absolute must in the beach bag for beach 2022

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