Now summer is finally here and the heat has returned to Sweden, which means that the swimming season is in full swing. Swimwear varies from year to year and this is our trend scouting of colors and patterns that will adorn our bodies on the beach during the summer of 2022. 

The color rosa has come and gone over the years but is now making a comeback in pastel colors. Here we find bikinis and swimsuits in the very clearest pink to more subtle and light shades. In addition to being a great summer color, it is proven that the color pink awakens our inner feelings of joy and optimism. So why not wear a pink bikini this summer and shine on the beach?

Lavender, just like the lilac flower has a light purple shade we predict will grace many beautiful women on the beach this summer. This romantic purple really suits all ages and looks amazing paired with a golden holiday flare. This one pastel color not only gives us summer feelings but also takes us back in time to the exuberant 80s and 90s fashion. You thus get the feeling of being on the beach in Miami even if you are only vacationing at home this summer. 

Black will always be a classic, and as they say, you can never go wrong with the little black. Of course, this also applies on the beach with a bikini or a bathing suit. The color is timeless and the variations in swimwear are endless. Did you know that black was one of the very first colors to be used by artists even though it was considered a non-color? This alone speaks for the amazingness of this lovely colour. 

Mint green is a lovely shade we really believe will be allowed to take place in swimwear this season. From clear mint to pistachio will appear more in swimwear. The green color signals life and harmony and is therefore perfect for a beach day.

Light blue
This shade, just like the color black, is a timeless classic in swimwear and you can never go wrong with a light blue bikini or bathing suit. You can see the ornate swimwear in Sweden but also of course on the European beaches in Greece, Spain or Italy. A perfect bikini color to take with you on holiday. It is also proven that the color blue makes us feel feelings of peace of mind and calm and isn't this really the feeling you want to embody on the beach? 

Floral and patterns don't just belong on women on the beaches of Los Angeles or Rio, but also suit us here in the north. This year we clearly see that the floral patterns have taken their place on the market and adorn the world's beautiful women when they take a dip in the blue.

These are the colors we think will take place this season in swimwear and did you know that you can find all these lovely colors with us here at Salt & Sand. 

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