Do you feel that your travel budget is running low this summer but still want to get a Mediterranean feeling here at home in Sweden? Maybe you're studying or on vacation but no time to travel? Then we have a tip for you! 

Down on Österlen in Skåne you will find the beach the knäbäckhusenhere you will find the Mediterranean Sea and a chalky white sandy beach. Past a meadow filled with purple flowers, you are met by a small chapel and a staircase that takes you down to the beach. On your way down the stairs, which are located at a small height, you get a fantastic view of the clear blue water. If you are there when the sun is warm, the water cools off nicely. Should you then feel like an ice cream, there is a classic ice cream kiosk that serves all your favourites. If you visit the beach in the evening, the tourists are gone and you have the opportunity to swim in the evening in the still water and see an unparalleled sunset glinting against the surface of the water. 

The view, the water and the beach make this a well-preserved little place in Österlen worth visiting this summer. 

We have also looked at some other beaches that have been listed as the most beautiful beaches in Sweden. She have listed 9 magical places, one of which is Knäbäckshusen: 

    At Fårö on Gotland is Sundersand, the beach that offers crystal clear water, white, fine-grained sand and shallow, grooved sand bottom. 

    In Helsingborg's city, you can swim between palm trees, have a drink at the associated bohemian beach restaurant and enjoy the sun. The sandy beach is natural, but the palm trees need a little help on the ridge and must overwinter elsewhere.

    Personal favorite! More of a holiday feeling is hard to come by in Sweden. The fine strip of sand is four kilometers long, but everything happens around Hotel Tylösand. After the beach is hard to beat and in July when the live bands start pouring, the whole Solgården boils with party and holiday feeling.

    Sweden's whitest sandy beach can be found on the country's most south-eastern cape and many consider it to be the country's finest beach. Some days there can be a lot of waves, and maybe worse if you have really small children.

    In Skanör/Falsterbo, the beach is white, the water is crystal clear and among the tufts of grass above the dunes are small beach huts in pastel colors. The small town also offers many nice houses and a cozy harbor promenade.

    The country offers many limestone or stone quarries to swim in, and if you don't like crowds, the Blue Lagoon is not for you. But its turquoise waters are something you don't want to miss. However, it gets deep quickly and count on rock bathing, because the small strip of beach quickly fills up.

    Along Vättern's shore lies this lush little green shimmering oasis, which definitely brings to mind bathing spots closer to the equator.

    On the island of Hållö outside Smögen you will find several nice bathing spots, but above all the famous marble pool, which could very well compete with the Greek island world. A nice day trip. 

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