Summer is here and many people want to unwind during their vacation, release the stress from everyday life and just relax and become zen with body and mind. Then yoga is a perfect form of exercise for this. Below we will go through simple yoga positions that you can do anywhere when the opportunity arises during the holidays or anytime really. So dress in something comfortable, roll out your yoga mat or blanket and just relax. These exercises are for everyone, the most seasoned yoga practitioner as well as the beginner. But before we start, we thought we'd list some of the benefits of this form of training.

Reduces stress
We have enough stress in our everyday life and in our work. As we mentioned above, yoga is therefore a clean and harmonious form of exercise to practice to take care of yourself. This is because it is scientifically proven that it reduces stress. 

Counteracts depression
Yoga is also proven to reduce depression as this form of exercise releases endorphins in the body, also known as our feel-good hormone. This kind and simple form of exercise is perfect for those with stressful everyday lives who just want to prioritize a moment of well-being for themselves. 

Improves our sleep
Yoga can be used to raise the heart rate and wake up the body, but works just as well to slow us down and relax. When we are relaxed in body and mind, we also sleep better and feel rested and ready to tackle the next day. So our tip is to do a shorter yoga session with relaxing music for a while before bedtime. This way, you will see that you come to rest more easily, do not wake up as easily during the night and fall into deep sleep faster. 

Provides stronger immune system
How awesome is this? It is scientifically proven that yoga as a form of exercise gives us better conditions to resist viruses and bacteria that can make us sick. This is because yoga strengthens us from the inside out by improving our immune system. Which gives us better conditions to resist seasonal diseases such as colds. 

These are some of the amazing benefits of practicing yoga. But there are of course more advantages to this wonderful form of training. Before we start going through the exercises, we would like to point out that with us at Salt och Sand you will find all the training accessories you need to feel comfortable when practicing yoga or practicing any other form of exercise. Our workout clothes compliment you and your body through the perfect fit that works with you as you move. 

Daily flow yoga
These positions, as previously mentioned, are possible to do when there is a lack of time and space and can therefore be performed anywhere. First, unroll your yoga mat, towel or blanket in front of you. Start a playlist that best matches your state of mind right now or where you want to transport yourself in the moment. If you would like help finding the right music, you will find links below to various suitable yoga-inspired playlists available on Spotify. 

Yoga & Meditation

Healing Sounds

Read more about various benefits of yoga here.  

Photo: Gabriella Johannesson @flowwithgabriella

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