Sustainability & CSR

At Salt & Sand, we incorporate sustainability into our business model. We believe that all companies can do something to ensure a more sustainable way of doing business, whether you are a sole trader or a world-leading bank.

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1. Designprocess

When we sit down to plan & design a new collection, we always first look at how we can improve what we already have in stock and how the garments we bring in can live on and become a "long life" garment that can withstand trend changes and new seasons.

We never take in more garments than we estimate to sell per season when they are seasonal colors or patterns. Therefore, some collections may be marked as 'limited'.

2. Production

At Salt & Sand, it is important that we constantly work towards a sustainable way of producing textiles. We have therefore chosen to work with on-demand when we produce new garments. We have also now launched a new concept that we call 'close the loop'. This is a step in the right direction to reach our 100% sustainable goal by 2030.

3. Delivery

We always choose the most sustainable and climate-smart choice when we deliver your order. Depending on where you live, we ship with a carrier that can provide us with exactly this. We also climate compensate all orders that go in & out of our warehouse.

What happens now?

Right now we are working hard to improve our brand. In 2022 and 2023, we will undergo major changes. We are currently changing the supplier of our swimwear in order to be able to deliver 100% sustainable products in recycled material. Join us on our journey!

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on demand

Step 1: Customer order

When you order of item that is marked On Demand it is sewn to order with a delivery time of approx. 3-4 weeks.

Step 2: Production starts

Your garment is now being manufactured by our skilled seamstresses in the factory and will soon be on its way to you.

Step 3: Shipping from factory

When your garment is ready to ship, this is done in conjunction with other orders to reduce emissions.

Step 4: Quality control

Now your garment has arrived at our office! Once there, it undergoes a quality control to ensure that everything is perfect before delivery.

Step 5: Time for delivery

Now your package is packed and sent with care by one of our talented employees! Not only have you made a sustainable choice, you've also supported a small local business!

Step 6: At your home

Your garment has finally landed in your mailbox or at your post office. We look forward to seeing you in your new clothes! Tag us on social media @saltochsand